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IAPAM’s hCG Training and Symposium with Botox Training

IAPAM’s hCG Training and Symposium with Botox Training provide “practical and medically sound information” “Excellent and methodical review of the [hCG] program.  Practical and medically sound information on establishing a successful practice.  Great “starting a practice” advice.  Gives one no hesitation to starting up this [hCG] program,.  A great option towards improving the long term […]

The IAPAM’s hCG Training is an “exceptional value”

“Entire program was new to me.  Today’s lectures added to and reinforced what I read.  Jeff Russell was very entertaining, as well as informative.” G. Pope, MD (Jan ‘12) “Everything was [tremendous] value for money and time.” ~ J. Austin, Do (Jan ‘12) “I am excited to go back home and get this [hCG] going.  […]

IAPAM’s hCG Training is a “five star value for money & time”

IAPAM’s hCG Training shows “how profitable and [the] weight loss business can be.” ~ Dr. R. Camacho, MD (Jan ‘12) “Good education without bias both from the medical and business standpoint.  I will recommend this program to other colleagues!” ~ A. Jamal, MD (Jan ‘12) The IAPAM’s hCG Training taught good “mechanics for setting up […]

An exceptional value for the money!

“I’m most appreciative of the CD’s with all the forms, ads, and other info – all ready to be adapted and used immediately! An exceptional value for the money!” ~ Dr. Zgourides, MD

The best seminar I have attended.

“I learned how to add a successful hCG program to my practice and start a whole new adventure. I actually learned the tools to get started. Wonderful, motivating, informative, specific, intellectual. The best seminar I have attended. Wish I had brought my office manager.” ~ Dr. J. Jackson, MD

Absolutely beneficial!

“[The hCG Training was] Absolutely beneficial! I would (and will!) recommend this conference to any colleague interested in prescribing hCG. The business implementation and marketing strategies were all so helpful!” ~ Dr. K. Cole, MD